About Shae

Shae Gillmartin

Shae Gillmartin

Principal | Speech Pathologist | Facilitator

A little bit about me and what I bring to my work……

In hindsight I was always destined to work in healthcare and supportive services. Work experience in high school sparked an interest in healthcare and then more specifically in speech pathology. During my university studies I developed a strong connection to the universal right of people to communicate and the importance of connection for life and wellbeing. After all, communication is a primary skill for school, work, study, relationships and friendships.

Over time my innate communication style became a focus for my development. How could I use this to best support clients? Repeated experience showed me understanding the client then enhanced client engagement and collaboration. This then led to greater ownership of solutions and the therapy process and a greater possibility clients would achieve what they set out to do. In a close time frame I completed workshops in non-violent communication (compassionate communication) and motivational interviewing- I finally had a name and theoretical background for something I was already doing naturally.

I realised these skills were just as relevant to teams and groups of people for meetings, strategic planning, decision making, project development and working through conflict. With nearly 20 years of experience supporting clients with their cognitive ( thinking) and communication skills it became clear that these are also so relevant to individuals and how we work in groups -the transition to group work facilitation was obvious and natural.

As the quietly determine introvert I didn’t ever expect I’d be the person at the front of the group. But I love seeing individuals feel confident to contribute their ideas, bringing out the quiet ones in the group, see a group solve a problem together, trusting that the answers are already within the dynamic mix of people, engaging all the individuals within the group, working with the differences and giving back power to the group.

At the end of the day either working with individuals or groups I feel fulfilled and like life is pretty grand!