Facilitation – the craft of people and process

Picture this…. A group working together for yearly strategic plan and you see someone doing all the talking, a person disengaged with their arms crossed in and then or someone who has been quiet watching each and every response….a skilled facilitator helps balance, draw out and engage the entire groups ideas to work toward the agreed purpose.

The definition of facilitate is “to make easy” or “ease a process.” Facilitation is a craft bringing together the a process to achieve the best outcomes and the intricacies of individuals, communication styles and group dynamics. The power of a neutral person can create a productive and safe space for the best possible outcomes.

Special Offer

For a limited time, Shae is offering facilitation at no cost to small volunteer run community groups in Beechworth and surrounding areas. If I can help you please contact.

How a neutral facilitator can assist any sort of group

When there is a need for leaders to step aside and be part of the group
Equalising contributions from both management and staff
Balancing other forms of power within the group

Working through tension, difficult conversations and conflict

A fresh and neutral way to assist teams to reflect on longstanding projects, events, and issues
Support conflict resolution for both individuals and the group
Developing a deeper understanding of each other during conflict to then develop agreements and solutions
Creating a safe space for open and honest conversations
Empowering the collective group to find solutions
Guiding the group to the agreed outcome

We can help your organisation, community group and team with:



  • Strategic planning
  • Conflict Resolutions- between individuals and within groups
  • Relationship conflict , communication agreements and solutions
  • End of year service reflections and celebrations
  • Pre event planning and post event reflection
  • Individual and group goal planning
  • Project planning
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Panel discussions
  • Community forums
  • Individual coaching , reflection and communications skills development


Shae is able to bring a group of individuals and connect then into a collaborative and cohesive team. Strongly facilitating and helping everyone contribute in a respectful way, she enabled us to also hold the space and flow with whatever felt right for the group at the time.

Shae was very good at creating a safe , constructive space to speak openly and honestly, achieving conflict resolution with ease.

As well as feeling a weight off my shoulders after our team spent a day with Shae , I believe we are empowered to move forward and sort out other solutions as they are needed.

Shae was really good at knowing when to step in and step back facilitating out group discussions.

Shae’s facilitation helped our team develop care and connection for each other in difficult and tense work environments.

I am in awe of Shae’s ability to facilitate a recovery team’s differing agendas into a cohesive event where everyone is heard with heart and respect. Shae makes it look deceptively simple, when in fact it is her immense skill and personal attributes that facilitate non-judgemental discourse, where each member gets their needs met. Outcomes are evident and celebrated, at the pace of the person at the centre of the meeting, with clear plans moving forward, where everyone has rights and responsibilities towards the action items and goals that are set. I learn so much from Shae every time I work with her.

Shae has helped me release my emotions instead of them being an explosion. Shae is the ninja of taking the lid of things. The other day I rang to check-in and within 2 minutes Shae had popped the lid off something I had been suppressing.

Shae’s facilitation was able to get the group to a point I would never have been able to get the team to.

Shae helped us be a team. She bought people out of the woods and  made the most of our differences.

Shae helped direct the team’s emotions towards positive outcomes and the topics that needed to be talked about. She assisted me in discussing my thoughts and feelings in a helpful was rather than unfocused and negative venting.