Shae Gillmartin Speech Pathologist

Shae Gillmartin

Speech Pathologist | Facilitator | Counsellor

Our Story

A little bit about me and what I bring to my work...

In hindsight I was always destined work in health and therapy services. My interest started as early as work experience in high school. During my speech pathology degree, I developed a strong connection to the universal right of people to communicate, the link to connection and its importance for life and wellbeing. After all, communication is a primary skill for school, work, study, relationships, and friendships.

Over time my own communication style also became a focus for my personal and professional development. How could I use this to best support clients? Experience over and over showed me when I worked toward understanding the client, this enhanced their engagement and capacity for change. In a close timeframe I completed workshops in non-violent communication (compassionate communication) and motivational interviewing. I finally had a name and theoretical background for something I was already doing naturally. I became even more driven by the link between how we communicate and outcomes.

With over 20 years of experience supporting clients with their cognitive (thinking) and communication skills I started making the transition to group work facilitation. I realised these skills are equally relevant to teams for meetings, strategic planning, decision making, project development and working through conflict. In 2015 I was lucky to participate and complete an Advance Diploma in Group Facilitation. This was transformative and further grew my skill set for empowering clients to generate change.

I have a continued commitment for improving my own communication skills, knowledge, and practice. I observe the benefits that caring and considered conversations have on people lives, relationships and workplaces. I also have concerns about the impact, if we continue to speak as though we are always right, dislike others who disagree with us and continue to be polarised by debates. I feel committed to the concept that better communication can create better outcomes for our world. For now, I will start with individuals, relationships, and teams.


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