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Individuals and groups reaching their best through
compassionate and competent communication.

Perceptive and strategic, essentials for rehabilitation and groups

 At Insight Speech Pathology and Facilitation we value real client engagement. We get curious. What’s right for you? What do you want to achieve? How can we support you to do it? Years of experience in cognitive and communication therapy and group dynamics will guide you or your organisation to achieve your goals.


Speech Pathology


Community Groups Special Offer

For a limited time, Shae is offering facilitation at no cost to small volunteer run community groups in Beechworth and surrounding areas. If this is you, please contact to discuss your needs.

Facilitation Client Feedback

‘I am in awe of Shae’s ability to facilitate a recovery team’s differing agendas into a cohesive event where everyone is heard with heart and respect. Shae makes it look deceptively simple, when in fact it is her immense skill and personal attributes that facilitate non-judgemental discourse, where each member gets their needs met. Outcomes are evident and celebrated, at the pace of the person at the centre of the meeting, with clear plans moving forward, where everyone has rights and responsibilities towards the action items and goals that are set. I learn so much from Shae every time I work with her.’