Why is this important?

Supportive facilitated conversations can have better outcomes.

Developing your communication, skills for tricky conversations and conflict resolution, can make a difference.

What could be better outcomes:

How do we do this?

There are so many options. This depends on you or your team’s needs.

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    “Shae is a wonderfully kind, calming presence in a sometime chaotic world. Her ability to hold space and explore life’s hurdles and approach tough conversations is a real gift. With Shae’s support, I have been able to approach these hurdles with curiosity and gain a deeper understanding of the role my beliefs and thought patterns play in my response to them. With this I have learned valuable communication skills which have opened up beautiful conversations and helped me to build stronger, better relationships. My conversations with Shae have been a real game changer”

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    “Shae’s facilitation helped our team develop care and connection for each other in difficult and tense work environments”

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    “Shae was very good at creating a safe, constructive space to speak openly and honestly, achieving conflict resolution with ease”

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